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The Inspections Process

Our Home Inspection Process

Thorough Home Inspections

Looking for a professional to inspect your home? Your search ends here! Turn to Four Square Home Inspections for accurate and timely home inspection services. Let us learn everything there is to know about your home and answer all your questions.

Our Process

We'll first meet you at the outset of the inspection and review the inspection process. You can expect us to answer all your questions and determine whether you have any particular concerns that need to be addressed during the inspection.

We start by inspecting the exterior of the property such as the drives, walks, grading, landscaping, exterior cladding, roof and gutter system, windows and doors, ventilation, and all the exterior components and systems.

Once we're done with the exterior inspection, we'll show you each of the identified defects and concerns. All the defects are photographed and will be annotated and discussed in the final inspection report.

After the exterior inspection, we inspect the garage and then discuss those issues together. Following the garage, I will inspect the basement, crawl space, and the electromechanical systems. Any issues or concerns we discover will then be reviewed with you.

Following the basement and mechanicals inspection, we'll begin to inspect the interior of the home and then review the issues about the living space. Lastly, we'll also inspect the attic space and discuss those findings with you as well.

When we're all done with the general home inspection, we'll spend a few minutes answering any remaining questions that you may have. I want you to know as much about your prospective home as you want and need to know to make an informed purchase decision.

Following the inspection, you should expect an email copy of the inspection report on the same day or the next morning. We'll then send a "hard copy" of the inspection report by Fed Ex the next day. 

This larger report contains a copy of the electronic report sent to you earlier plus supplemental information such as 90-day limited structural and mechanical warranty, SewerGard warranty, and appliance-recall information. It also includes specialized information applicable to your prospective home possibly including informative information on attic ventilation, dryer venting, knob and tube wiring, garage overhead door safety issues, and/or hazards including asbestos, mold, electrical components and other supplemental information as applicable.

Various Factors That Influence the Inspection Process

Our home inspections typically require four or more hours on site and we encourage your attendance so you can learn everything about your prospective home. However, there are certain factors that influence the time invested in each inspection.

New home buyer inspections generally take longer as the buyer has more questions and is unfamiliar with the home-buying process. This extends the inspection time.

Older houses take more time than newer houses as they require a closer evaluation. This is because the house systems and components are closer to the end of their useful service lives. If the system or component has failed or is near the end of its useful service, we'll inform you. We'll also discuss and review the safety of these house systems.

"Flipped" or renovated homes take more time as well. These homes have a combination of old and new systems and components. Sometimes, these improvements may not have been subject to municipal oversight through the permit system.

Big homes usually take longer than smaller homes. Systems such as multiple electrical panels, furnaces, fireplaces, water heaters, and air conditioners consume a lot of time during the evaluation. There is more square footage to evaluate as well.

Crawl spaces and multiple attics also extend the evaluation time as they need to be inspected thoroughly.

"Bank-owned" properties take more time as well because they have been neglected by the previous owner and by the bank. Homes experience lack of air circulation and dehumidification when they have endured a winter or two. This causes fungal growth, which can be an issue. If winterization hasn't been done on time, the water pipes are also affected.
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