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Inspection Services/Testimonials

Exceptional Home Inspection Services

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Get your home inspection done from the knowledgeable technicians at Four Square Home Inspections today. Call and speak with one of our trained staff for more information on our competitive prices and guaranteed results!

Warranties Available

 When you choose us, you’ll get the following warranties FREE with every home inspection (copies of these warranties are available upon request and are provided with every home inspection): 

• 5 Year Platinum Roof Warranty
• Mold Warranty where applicable
• Underground water and Sewer line warranty.  
• Limited 90 Day Structural and Mechanical Warranty 
• Manufacturer Appliance Recall Check (dating to 1974) 
• 18 Month home warranty when you purchase a 12 month warranty
When you choose us, you'll get a FREE limited 90-day structural and mechanical WARRANTY on your prospective home. We also offer a 5-year platinum roof WARRANTY. Call us for details. With every home inspection, you'll get a FREE underground water and sewer line warranty as well.

Our Comprehensive Home Inspection Services

  • Home inspections
  • Log Home inspections
  • Foundation inspections
  • Institutional inspections
  • Commercial inspections
  • HUD203(K) inspections
  • Mold testing and analysis
  • Radon testing and analysis
  • Thermographic inspections 
  • Deck structural inspections
  • Indoor Air Quality Evaluations
  • Manufactured home inspections
  • Engineered Foundation Certifications
  • Wood Destroying Insect (WDI) inspections
  • Approved FHA/VA/HUD home inspections
  • New Home Construction progress inspections

Our Commitment to Our Customers Shows in Our Work

"Mr Freer was extremely professional and very pleasant. Timely response to all phone calls and emails prior to the inspection and after. He spent 6 hours plus and provided an extremely thorough inspection report. (60 plus pages, with photos) We felt that he left no stone unturned. Mr. Freer sat down right after the inspection and reviewed his findings, answered questions. He only schedules one home inspection per day so there was no feeling of being rushed through the process. We also had him provide a radon and insect inspection as part of the general inspection. We did not purchase the home he inspected because of the health and safety, and roofing issues exposed. We plan on using his services when we find another potential home. Four Square Home Inspections is well worth the price. Please be aware that our fee included a radon and insect inspection."
- Anonymous

"My wife and I have lived in 5 homes and sold 4 of them. We have dealt with numerous home inspectors over the years - most of whom were very good. We bought our last house in July, 2016 and hired Four Square Home Inspections to inspect the house. Four Square Home Inspections provided the most thorough home inspection we have ever seen. The house is not a big house (2000 sq ft), but Fred Freer (owner of Four Square) spent a good part of the day inspecting every nook and cranny of the entire house. We had the option of staying with him all day or meeting with him at intervals so he could explain to us what he found. He even invited the seller to join us if she wanted. When Fred was done, he summarized the entire inspection verbally and, days later, provided a written report of everything that was found (both good and bad) and possible remedies. Four Square Home Inspections was not the cheapest inspector we have ever dealt with, but was by far the best. If we ever buy another house, we will definitely hire Four Square Home Inspections again."
- Anonymous

“Fred was fantastic in every respect. He was friendly, responsive and thorough when we initially contacted him, and was professional, and a pleasure to deal with throughout the entire process. On the day of the inspection he was incredibly thorough, and more importantly, he was a willing and patient teacher, explaining in great detail to us everything that he noticed in the course of the inspection, and answering all of our questions until we felt comfortable. As first-time home-buyers, this was incredibly important, and Fred made an unfamiliar process easy. I would wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone.”
- Anonymous

“Fred was fantastic. We wanted to use a Home Inspector that was NOT a referral from our Real Estate Agent. Felt it would be in our best interest to use someone "totally objective". Fred was on time and really informative. He always called me back when i had questions. He did cost more than the other inspectors, but it was worth it. A house is a HUGE purchase. Don't skimp.”
- Anonymous

“Mr. Freer, All I can say is, WOW!!! What an in depth, detailed, and fantastic production. My wife and I really enjoyed experiencing your expertise and talking to you.”
- Anonymous

“Great. Fred was all I could hope for in a home inspector. He was extremely thorough, covering every aspect of the home. He was very knowledgeable, but explained all of the issues in a way that was completely understandable to layman. He took the time to show us each issue he found and the problem so we would understand it in the report. His report was turned around in 1 day, which is amazing given it was 93 pages long. The length is because the report takes the time to explain the section of the property (roof, basement, garage, siding, etc.) what is he looking for and what he found, either bad or good. Where there issues he describes the issues and includes many pictures pointing to the issues. At the end he had a list of al of the marginal issues and defective issues so you can jump to issues to address with the seller. I can't imagine a better inspection report. Lastly, after the report we had some follow-up questions and we was very available and spent considerable time answering our questions in detail.”
- Anonymous

Some Inspection Options 

Pre-Purchase Inspection:

Probably ninety percent of my inspections are for prospective buyers who wish to have a pre-purchase inspection. The objective of this inspection is to help the buyer assess the condition of the home and evaluate what safety and service issues might be present and what long-term capital expenditures might be required. The typical inspection would evaluate the home from the foundation to the chimney top including driveways and sidewalks, decks, porches, exterior cladding, windows and doors, roofing and chimneys, insulation, ventilation, fireplaces, heating and cooling equipment, electrical systems, plumbing and drainage systems and built-in appliances. Inspections do not typically address cosmetic issues. We recommend that the buyer negotiate a minimum of seven, ten or fourteen day purchase agreement (particularly in the busy summer season) to permit the inspection completion on a timely basis. As a matter of course, when the buyer provides the address of the property to be inspected, I will send an email outlining the inspection process, some options available and the associated fees.   

A Listing (Pre-Sale) Inspection:   

While procedurally similar in detail to a Pre-Purchase Inspection as discussed above, this inspection is designed to help a home seller prepare for their home sale, to minimize negotiations, to expedite the sale process and to maximize return. First, a listing inspection will alert the seller to those issues that will likely be “discovered” by a buyer’s home inspector and that will require correction. Why not identify and correct the issues in advance and remove those road blocks to a successful sale? This report provides the guidance to correct identified defects. Second, some sellers use the Listing Inspection report as a sales tool to illustrate the condition, safety and workability of the home, its systems and components. Inspection fees for a Listing Inspection are similar to those for the Pre-Purchase Inspection.   

A New Home, Construction (also known as a Progress) Inspection:

Every home, brand new or old, has defects. Some defects are more expensive and more concerning than others. Whether you need a Construction inspection will depend in part on your level of comfort with the architect and the builder, the level of municipal oversight proved by your municipality and your knowledge of building components and systems. Building a home is a serial endeavor with components and systems added to other systems and components. First, the excavation, then the footers, then the foundation, then the framing, then the roofing, then the windows and doors, then the basement or crawl space concrete floor, followed by rough-in electrical, and mechanical systems including the heating and air conditioning and plumbing and drainage systems, followed by insulation, finished walls, possible energy evaluations, carpentry including trim and cabinets, flooring and then painting and decorating. Some clients choose a thorough, start-to-finish Construction inspection while others select a more limited approach. At the minimum, a “Punch-List” inspection and Radon test should be performed before the final walk-through and acceptance. This “Punch-List” inspection identifies the issues that will require builder correction before title transfer. Of course, more information about these services is available on request. Inspection fees are based on the level of oversight desired by the buyer.   

Other Optional Inspectional Services:  

• Mold testing
• Radon testing
• Water quality analysis
• Infrared thermography
• Aerial Drone inspections
• Indoor Air Quality testing
• Deck structure evaluations 
• Well pressure and flow testing
• Asbestos testing and evaluation
• Institutional property inspections
• Commercial Property Inspections
• Wood Destroying Insect (also known as termite or pest) inspections
For information about home and commercial inspections, call us at 440-446-8000!
We guarantee 100% satisfaction with our professional home inspection services. To schedule an appointment, get in touch with us today!
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